You Were Asking: Wallpaper Removal Tips

Wallpaper Removal

We’ve all been there… faced with wallpaper that just has to go!  Removing wallpaper can make the world of difference and is a quick and inexpensive way to update a space.  No good deed, however, goes unpunished as it can definitely be a challenge.  If you’re up for it, here are some techniques to try out if you’re unsure of how to approach this task:

DIY Wallpaper Remover
Mix together 2 gallons of hot water with 1.5 cups fabric softener.  Apply generously to the surface with a sponge, roller, or spray bottle.

Store Brand Remover
Found in most hardware stores or paint stores, it will run you around $10.  Dilute with water and apply as directed.

Scoring Tool
Perforating the surname before applying any remover can help the solution penetrate the glues underneath. 

Scraping Tools
You can purchase brand name scraping tools or try your hand with times you may already have lying around your work bench.  Such as, a putty knife to loosen the paper and backing.  Just be mindful not to gouge the walls too much with the sharp edges. 

When all else fails, or, you’re not looking to mess around, you can always rent a professional wallpaper steer.  Found at some paint stores, or at most Home Depot locations.  The cost will run you $33 for the day, or, $23 for 4 hours… and save you the headache!

Don’t forget, when it comes to refinishing the surface be sure to wash well with wallpaper remover and sand generously to remove all remaining residue.  Before you rush to paint, make sure you prime with a recommended primer before adding your finish coat. 

If you’ve exhausted all options, with no luck, call in the professionals.  We’re sure you can find someone to help, in our directory of recommended businesses!