You Were Asking: The Measure App

The Measure App

If you have a smart phone or tablet you’ve likely noticed the recent addition of a standard measuring app. This handy feature can actually prove functional in various aspects of the home purchase and sale process. If you’ve ever ventured to open it up and play around you’ve likely noticed it’s a little tricky at first but after some exploration and some trial and error the measurements can actually be pretty accurate and furthermore are easy to save as photographic evidence directly in your device, making it accessible wherever you are! 

How many times have you gone out to the store with that paper rambling in your purse or pocket of window measurements only to find it’s been misplaced, ruined or now impossible to read? Measuring key pieces of furniture within your home can help you in the home buying process for the couple who must find the adequate space for their antique and irreplaceable king sized bed suite. Measure allows you in real time while you’re viewing the property, to determine if that home (or more specifically, its master bedroom) is a viable option. 

Think of your further visit after you purchased. Planning on installing shutters? Perhaps eyeing a new sofa or replacing the appliances. Same logic applies… you can even take a photo virtually placing the measurements directly on the space and leaving you with an easy visual not only to take away with you but easily shared with contractor or designer. 

As a seller, you could use this to your marketing advantage, boasting about the size of the yard with its ability to fit a 15’ x 30’ pool! The practical uses are abundant and as many as your imagination can come up with. Next time you venture out on a showing, you may just want to give this app a try!