You Were Asking: Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

With all of the emphasis put on curb appeal and first impressions when selling your home, it’s important to remember the back yard. Many families, especially those with young children, spend a lot of time there during the summer months in particular, so it’s important to make the rear yard an appealing place; a place where families can kick back and relax. 

Most of the work is the same as that done on the front. Mow the lawn, pull weeds, keep garden areas neat and rake leaves. Put away lawn mowers and other garden tools. Make it easy for potential home buyers to view and walk around. 

If you have the space, create conversation areas with patio furniture, highlighting various areas, but make sure the furniture is clean and in good condition. Otherwise, all people will notice is furniture that’s past its prime. 

Show off areas that are perfect for the kids to play, but keep toys to a minimum, especially if you have a small back yard as the effect will be a cluttered look. 

If you have a deck, fix and loose boards or rails and throw on a coat of stain. Make sure the pool and surrounding areas are also clean and in good repair.