You Were Asking: Mobility Hubs

Mobility Hubs

On Tuesday October 16th the J M Edwards Team attended the Open Forum meeting hosted by the Realtors Association of Hamilton Burlington to inform its members on the proposed planning and development of the four Mobility Hubs scattered around Burlington, ON. For those who don’t know, the mobility hubs are areas designated by the City, centred around our three GO Stations and downtown transit hub. 

The area surrounding these key areas actually attributes to about 5% of Burlington’s future growth so, in reviewing the plans for our City in these next 20 years, the mobility hubs have become a key component of our future planning.

These plans, now released by the City, are developed in three stages…

Phase 1: Research, public consultation, establishing land use and concept draft
Phase 2 / Current Stage: Area specific plans released, public consultation 
Phase 3: Tools and strategies of implementation

The biggest concern, particularly in the downtown areas, are what can we expect from each of these plans.  First and foremost, there are many objectives that comprise the overall plan. Everything from intensification, a varied transportation network, environmental conservation, employment opportunity, cultural heritage and more. The overriding objective is to create complete and well rounded ‘neighbourhoods’ within each hub.

Each zone is assessed separately based on the needs and existing infrastructure. Here are some highlights and proposals discussed in each of the area plans…

  • Generally, height minimums have been increased to 12-17 stories
  • Proposed park at the end of John St, with future development and land use changes
  • Area of highest density will be at Prospect/Brant where building heights will range from 17-25 stories
  • Given the traffic and lack of parking downtown, the idea is to create a walkable neighbourhood, particularly those closest to the Burlington GO station
  • Encouraging builders to limit the parking available to encourage a lifestyle change… downsize square footage and number of vehicles 
  • Largest transition from otherwise industrial/commercial area into a more well rounded neighbourhood
  • High density would be upwards of 30 stories, keeping in line with current/proposed development
  • Area of preservation along Plains Rd E, protecting the character of longstanding Burlington businesses
  • Many new parks and green spaces as well as addition of a bike path 
  • Road expansion of Masonry Ct to provide a walkable and accessible neighbourhood
Burlington GO:
  • High intensity directly surrounding the station itself
  • Added mix of mid residential 
  • 4+ new Parks
Appleby GO:
  • Largest mobility hub in the City
  • North of the rail line will remain as employment lands
  • Expect an emergence of 30+ story condos along the rail line on the south side, similar to Burlington GO area
  • Sub areas surrounding the rail line to be medium density, along the same lines as the mid level buildings and townhomes already established
To view the plans in full visit the City’s website to see what this future development means for your current neighbourhood or your own future plans living within the City.

Photo Source: City of Burlington