You Were Asking: 'I Am not Working with a Realtor'

‘I am not working with a Realtor’

Ok, so, the phrase above typically means….yes, I actually am working with a realtor, but, I simply want to get through your listing, so, just let me in and don’t ask me questions.  We understand…..but, do you?  
As professional realtors, we have a code of ethics to uphold.  One of the biggies is called Interference.  We cannot show each other’s clients through our listings without the express permission of the acting realtor.  It is simple… in our code of conduct.  But, it seems the general public doesn’t understand why.  
Consider that your realtor also benefits by showing you through homes.  He/she watches your responses to not only the property, but, the neighbourhood and floor plan.  This education takes time, and, it is crucial to ensuring you are buying the right property for you and your family.  It is what we do and the educational process takes time for both you and your realtor.  
So many times, your realtor is brought in after the fact…  sheepishly because you have not asked him/her to show the home because you thought it simpler to call the listing rep directly.  The listing rep doesn’t know you or your family and cannot counsel you as well as your own realtor.  We hear things like… ’well, yes, I have a realtor, but, it’s Sunday and I really don’t want to bother him.’  Or, my all time favourite, ‘if I go through you, I get a better deal.’  What?  Why? That response, I never have understood simply because it’s so wrong for so many reasons.   
Listing reps also have buyer clients of their own.  This past weekend, I had 5 separate enquiries wishing to view homes our team has listed.  I must ask the question ‘are you working with a realtor’.  I even booked an appointment to show one of the inquiries, squeezing it in between my own clients’  in an effort to accommodate someone who ‘only have today’.  Turns out, the person lied.  Am I surprised?  
This is the reason that realtors are now starting to include in their remarks wording to warn your realtor that his/her commission will be cut in half if they do not show their client through the home.  We have had it happen to us….and are challenging it.  Why?  Because we had zero idea our own client lied.  I then set my own appointment to show the home, negotiated the offer and sold the home.  But, we received a 50% reduction in our fee as the listing rep took our half.  Not cool.  But, I also understand.  We are realtors who would be happy to show another realtor’s client through our listing.  All we ask is for you to be truthful, tell us who your realtor is and we will call to see if he/she is in agreement for us to show.  It’s easier for everyone.  Thanks!