You Were Asking: Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Facebook has now reached over 2 billion monthly active users as of June 2017 making it the most popular social networking site worldwide. With roughly 20-25 million active “Facebook-ers” in Canada, the site’s advertising tools can be a powerful way to market and promote the sale of your home. From a social aspect, it allows you to easily share or promote your home to friends and family or various social circles.  Everyone knows someone looking to buy and sell so, why not reach out to them directly? Beyond that, specialized targeting capabilities means you can actually target market to location, demographic, behaviours or exclusions. Tagging local events or businesses can also help to boost your reach. Costs are relatively low so based on the specific goals of your advertising, it means the idea of multiple ads run in unison or even run in conjunction with other forms of advertising is still very cost effective. Having the ability to analyze who is viewing your ads through Facebook’s Ad Manager can help you improve your marketing strategy to cater to your highest demographic. Simply put, social media advertising can be a powerful and fun tool to maximize your exposure and sell your home.

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