You Were Asking: Co-Housing


Co-housing or co-living has been around for years, but, the concept is emerging in our neighbourhoods more prevalently in response to our long wait lists for retirement residences. Originating in Denmark in the 60’s, the premise is a shared home, shared workload within that home and shared skill set.  

Take a traditional family home and turn it into a co-housing dwelling is certainly attractive to like-minded seniors who love living in their own residence but don’t want the upkeep and general overhead that the large family home carries. The benefits of this type of living are numerous.  The sharing and caring concept is turned into an economically beneficial solution to those considering a downsize.  

The shared kitchen helps in a more balanced and healthy eating plan for those who normally would have, say, a bowl of cereal or soup for dinner.  The social isolation many seniors start to experience as winter sets in, is one of the most dramatic benefits.  A family room becomes a shared space for everyone in the home to relax and socialize.  It’s been estimated that co-housing not only removes the burden off the system, it allows seniors 8-10 additional years living on their own.