You Were Asking: Befriending Your Buyer/Seller

Befriending Your Buyer/Seller

Almost everyone is now on some form of social media making it pretty easy to start a relationship with your buyer or seller.  Once the dust settles of the offer negotiations a lot of clients wish to be put in touch with the other party or, even seek them out independently. Often times you’ll find you have plenty in common… like your taste in homes! We’ll even encourage Sellers to remain during further visits or, put people together when dealing with selling of personal items like furniture in a downsize or relocation.   But beware, once the lines are open you can open yourself up to a whole host of questions, concerns, texts, messages and so on. It may seem harmless, but you should never allow a visit without your respective Realtors present. If something goes wrong prior to or on closing, as they often do, are you prepared to handle it? At the end of the day, this is your largest asset… there’s something to be said for having the buffer or the protection of your Realtor! Ultimately, the decision is up to the parties involved but our advice is to exercise caution until all is said and done. We’ve known many buyers to befriend sellers and maintain long term relationships AFTER everyone has settled into their new homes.