Sellers Were Asking: Why Isn't My House Selling?

Why Isn’t My House Selling?

You’ve made the decision to sell; you’ve hired a Realtor, decided on a list price, the paperwork is complete and the sign is on the lawn… but the offer doesn’t come! Recent market changes have left many Sellers scratching their heads and asking “Why isn’t my house selling?” Here are our top reasons why a home doesn’t sell:

Your Photos
Taking photos with a smart phone or even having your Realtor take some snaps may sound like a great way to show off your home in a pinch but, are you really doing it justice?  Having a professional real estate photographer capture every square inch of your home in high quality will ultimately set you apart from the DIY’ers. After all… a picture’s worth a thousand words!
Typically the first reason homes do not sell is due to their price. Market value is a delicate balance of  what a Seller is willing to sell for and a Buyer willing to pay. It’s important to price yourself based on market trend and not just the last neighbourhood sale. If Buyers are complaining of too many renovations required or are not showing true interest, chances are price is your ‘silent complaint’.
Your Realtor
Finding the right Realtor means discussing their knowledge of market and neighbourhood trend, a detailed marketing plan as well as pricing strategy for your home.  Commission dollars should not be the only deciding factor. This is your largest asset… hiring just anybody will only get you average results.
Are you putting your best foot forward? We’re not talking major renovations but, ensuring a clean and tidy house is key… a Buyer should never utter the words “What’s that smell?” Fixing those nagging repairs, touching up paint and freshening up decor will go a long way in both photos and in showings. Having a professional view your home gives you an outsider’s perspective on things.
We know it’s not easy cleaning yourself out of the house everyday but, it’s important not to restrict access to your home for showings. Allowing for showings, within reasonable hours, will always improve your chances. You simply can’t sell a house you can’t show!
Bad Timing

Sometimes, there just is no rhyme or reason to why a home won’t sell. Real Estate is like the tide… it ebbs and flows. If you’ve considered all other factors, then it really is just a matter of time before the next wave comes rolling in.

Selling real estate – it’s a lot!  It takes everyone’s efforts, combined, to get the job done.  If you want to see more on the process of selling, check out the section for Sellers, on our Website!