Seller's Were Asking: Where Buyer's Look!

Where Buyer’s Look!

Here are the MOST likely spots buyers will look:

  • Oven. Do not store your pots and pans in the oven. This makes it appear as if you are short on kitchen space. If possible, the oven should be totally empty, and, of course, clean.
  • Closets. Yes, one of the things buyers tend to remember about the houses they see, and to either comment favourably or unfavourable upon are the closets. Avoid cramming the bedroom closets with extras. The more space that shows in your closets, the better.
  • Laundry Room. A nice, neat laundry room is often a pleasant surprise in a home, and something that buyers tend to remember.
  • Kitchen Pantry. Like the laundry room, the kitchen pantry is often the ‘dumping ground’ for all kinds of odds and ends. The less cluttered the pantry is, the bigger it looks.

As you can probably tell, the secret to hide and don’t seek is to keep those places that are usually used for storage as clear as possible.  This gives the buyer the distinct impression that she will have plenty of room for all the stuff they have.