Seller's Were Asking: When Do I Call My Realtor

When Do I Call My Realtor

If I only had a quarter for every time someone said “well, I don’t want to waste your time… we’re not ready to sell yet!” The truth is, it’s never too early to call your Realtor. We’ve worked with homeowners for years leading up to a For Sale sign going on the lawn in a variety capacities.  

We’ve helped in planning for renovations both before and after sale… everything from ‘money rooms’ to picking out finishes. We’ve even advised against certain renovations based upon market trends.  We can provide detailed staging lists to help tackle the clutter or get family members on board. We also are happy to recommend handymen, donation sites and so much more well in advance or simply as a kind gesture when needed.  We’ve even gone as far as done yearly check-in’s with homeowners to watch market trend and strategize timing of a purchase and sale. 
So, the short answer to the question? Anytime! A Realtor can be a great neutral sounding board to help make some of these decisions when it comes to your home or investment property.