Sellers Were Asking: Talk to Your Sales Rep, Part 1

Talk to Your Sales Rep, Part 1

Let’s say your home has been on the market for months.  No one has made an offer.  Should you take your home off the market and try again later?  Before you take this step, have a heart-to-heart with your sales rep. 

Find out why your home hasn’t sold.  Is your list price too high for the market?  What criticisms have prospective buyers and their sales reps made about the property?  Are there any cosmetic improvements that might help the property sell?

Next, consider your motivation for selling.  If you’re only willing sell if you can get a certain price, and that price is not attainable in the current market, you’re not highly motivated.  You should take your home off the market until either your motivation, or the market, changes.  Sellers who are highly motivated, that is, who need to sell as soon as possible, need to carefully plan their marketing strategy.

If the home has been on the market for some time without offers, several factors could be responsible.  It’s possible that the home hasn’t received an adequate marketing effort.  If this is the case, and you’re nearing the end of the listing period, interview other sales reps in your area.

You need a local specialist who has a good reputation for aggressively marketing and selling homes like yours.  In most cases, however, the sales rep isn’t the problem.  Price, location and condition need to be addressed!

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