Seller's Were Asking: Showing Appointments

Showing Appointments

Why do showings get booked for a full hour?  Often, this is not explained and we find clients calling us to advise the rep hasn’t shown up yet.  The viewing of your home could take a full hour, or, it could take 15 minutes or even less, depending on interest level, but, also on time allotment.  Some buyers can enter the front foyer of a home and decide right away that the home is not for them.  

While we realize that seems harsh, for a seasoned buyer, they know immediately.  When a rep is showing a string of homes (3-6 homes in one outing), it depends on where your home lands in the line-up.  Traffic, delays at another home, and lateness are all circumstances which dictate time of arrival at each home.  It’s rare we show just one home at a time.  If our client gets held up in traffic for the very first home, it is tough to keep the schedule on track as we need to allow for adjustments.  

It’s best to book for a full hour duration as we know we can shift things as we move through the appointment which might cover off 3 hours of time.  Sometimes, clients are much quicker to get through homes, looking strictly at the home for traffic flow and neighbourhood features.  These clients put us ahead of schedule, so, we sometimes find ourselves early.  

As a home owner, we always strive to be on time within our allotted pre-scheduled appointment, but, please help to accommodate us as you never really know if this buyer will become your home’s next owner.