Seller's Were Asking: Seller's Continual State of Ready-To-Sell Blues

Seller’s Continual State of Ready-to-Sell Blues

Your house is on the market, and you’re a motivated seller. You’re driving your family crazy. You have decreed, “No dishes in the sink, no crumbs on the kitchen counter, no dirty clothes on the floor! No one will eat, drink, sleep, or brush the dog again until this house is sold!” Take a deep breath, sit down, and relax. 

While it is true that you don’t get a second chance at a first impression, most buyers are human and realize that sellers have to live too. Just for the fun of it, I’ll run through five places buyers are least likely to look when viewing a house for the first time. These are good last minute hiding places:

  • Under the bed. Store those extra toys in kids’ rooms quickly under the bed to give the room an uncluttered, larger appearance.
  • The washer & dryer. Buyers rarely, if ever, open a washer or dryer. If you store dirty clothes on the floor in the laundry room, pick them up and put them in the washer, who knows, one of your teenagers may get the hint and run the load.
  • Trunk of your car. While this spot may appear a little drastic, it’s a great spot to put all that sports equipment usually left in the front foyer. It’ll have to go there eventually for the drive to the ball diamond or hockey rink, so, why not store it out of the way.
  • Refrigerator. Hey, most buyers won’t look in your fridge. So, why not put food items inside (the fruit, etc normally stored on your counter tops).
  • Behind or under the sofa. Another old standby that likely is already seeing some active duty.
Most people are quite understanding, however, some folks simply cannot see past your belongings, so, it’s best to present an uncluttered look.