Sellers Were Asking: Preparing for Market

Preparing for Market

It’s easy for most to get caught up in the excitement of making the move that many sellers often ignore or just don’t see the relevancy of preparing their own home. The purchase and sale go hand in hand and can often be a delicate dance of timing. Outside influences such as friends, family members, mortgage brokers or whomever it may be often advise to purchase before you sell your home. Truth be told there is no simple answer to the equation. 

Market conditions aside, a move-up buyer will have a completely different strategy than a downsizer looking to takeaway a set amount. Sticking to the experts in the field, as hard as it may be, will have your best advice on how to approach the next stage of home ownership.

Having a Realtor assess your home can actually cover off more than just the value of your home. It can be a visit about renovations both required or unnecessary, a discussion of financial goals or even of market timing. It also provides your Realtor with the information about how you live and how best to guide you in your next purchase. Not to mention, allows them to gauge how ready, willing and able you are to purchase and sell. 

It’s a common misconception that you should only call a Realtor into your home once you’ve bought, but our advice is actually the opposite… if you’re considering making a move, the sooner the better to seek professional advice!