Sellers Were Asking: Home Staging

Staging your home can take on very different meanings.  To many, it means spending a whack of money not knowing if there really is a return on your money or not.  We’ve been ‘staging’ homes long before this became the thing to do.  Why?  Because staging really isn’t about presenting your home as a ‘no one actually lives here’ home.  It is more about introducing your home’s best assets.  

Think about why you bought it in the first place.  Was it the oversized kitchen where your kids grew up helping with the baking?  Was it the great, private back yard that was fully fenced so your fur baby could not escape?  Or was it the master with its own private bathroom so all of you no longer had to take turns in the hectic morning rush?  

Go back to those days and now, take a good look at those spaces.  

  • Are those long stretches of counter tops clear?  If they’re cluttered, time to ‘stage’.  De-clutter them! 
  • Now walk out to the back yard.  How’s that fence looking?  Is it leaning?  A few boards missing?  Let’s head to the hardware store for some supplies so we can get this area looking a whole lot better than it does right now.  
  • Now onto the master suite.  What’s happened to the pristine shower stall you bought?  Grout need attending to?  Let’s face it, we all tend to get complacent over time.  

Clutter creeps into the corners of our homes and nests for far too long.  And then, we kind of don’t see it any longer.  But, boy, when you start de-cluttering, your home and its rooms take on a very different look very quickly.  So many of our sellers tell us they are wondering why they are considering making a move as now they have so much more space!  

We all collect too much stuff.  Staging does not have to cost a ton of money.  It does when you have done absolutely nothing to your home and it needs a lot of work.  That means, a lot of repair work, painting, major cleaning and clearing out.  

For most of us, you can stage with what you have.  You can roll up your sleeves and make your home look so much better just by paring things down.  Stagers are amazing at providing lists that will keep you on track, but, to save money, you need to be prepared to do the work.  Trust us, you will not regret it!

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