Seller's Were Asking: HELP! I Want to Change My Closing Date!

HELP! I Want To Change My Closing Date!

It actually happens a lot more than you think when our Buyers or Sellers approach us after they have firmed a transaction and realize they need to change their closing date. Sometimes it’s a day or two, other times it can be weeks! 

To make any change to an accepted offer, it must be done so first and foremost by mutual agreement (including all parties to the transaction) as well as executed formally in writing, amending your original agreement with the new dates. When a closing date or completion date is changed, it’s important to remember your title search date must also be amended to fall in line with any new date selected. Buyer and Seller are at a stalemate? The accepted agreement stands as legal and binding so, business carries on as usual. 

How do you avoid making the mistake? Think and plan ahead! It’s hard to think of dates when you’re sat down putting together the terms of your offer or deep in the throws of negotiation. Before you get too far into your search, sit down with a calendar and your loved ones. Other somewhat obvious tips: steer clear of holidays; both statutory holidays and planned vacays away. Birthdays and anniversaries are other busy times for most… you’d hate to have a house full of boxes while you’re chasing a party of 7 year olds around the house! Think of work schedules also… end of the quarter? Likely not the ideal time to add more stress.

There’s no magical formula and life being what it is, there’s always going to be exceptions or unexpected twists and turns. Your closing date can change should circumstance change, but, our recommendation always is to think it through beforehand to save yourself the worry later on.