Sellers Were Asking: Four Legged Friends

Four Legged Friends

In all the hustle and bustle of selling a home we often forget about the affect it has on our four legged friends. Most Sellers don’t love the thought of strangers coming into their home and let me tell you, neither do your pets! To save yourself the mortifying discovery of coming home to an accident on the kitchen floor, we often recommend a few different strategies for handling a sale with your fur babies.  

The first and best option? Find a comfortable home and relocate them, at least for your first week/weekend on the market. This is usually the busiest time and your highest traffic flow. It also helps to keep any odours to a minimum and ensures they have the continued care they would normally.

The alternative is, bring them with you! If you have the luxury to bring your pets to work or take your pets with you when you leave for showing appointments, it can make the world of difference. I realize not all pets love the car (“not the VET again!”) which is why we recommend a safe home as your first choice.

If you aren’t able to remove your pets from your home, thats ok.  We always recommend letting your Realtor know so they can let showing Realtors know. It forewarns Buyers to be respectful of their space, ensure indoor pets do not escape outdoors and caged pets aren’t bothered more than they need to be. 

There’s no secret recipe to helping your cat or dog understand what’s going on but, I do know at very least, a few extra treats never hurt!

If you really want to go that extra mile, there’s always the option of giving them a safe and exciting place to stay.  Why not check out a doggy getaway, we’ve got trusted referrals on our Business Directory.