Market Update: Market Conditions & Winter Forecast

Market Conditions & Winter Forecast

This Summer and into the early Fall we saw a return to a more balanced market. Looking at the stats you can see it’s been a while since we’ve been here! With the scales tipping in either direction, most notably from the benefit of all Sellers last Spring and then quite drastically back to Buyers this same time last year. 

It’s taken some time and some getting used to for many Sellers but the evidence is seen by the number of days on the market increasing over the last year. The difficulty remained for Sellers still reeling off inflated values, it’s been a frustrating lesson in market trends to say the least.

As we await the arrival of winter weather, we watch the final push of sales from families and snowbirds before a pretty common holiday lull. With many of you already thinking ahead to Spring, our biggest market of the year, we all expect to see more of the same… a balanced and more stabilized pricing strategy will bode well for those looking to make a move this new year.