Market Update: Market Conditions & Summer Forecast

Market Update!

Water cooler talk is interesting.  It comes in all shapes and forms and in this industry, everyone is an expert.  Everyone is talking.  Everyone is aware.  But, are they watching trend?  Are they watching the subtleties we all need to act upon to ensure we are really make the best decisions out there in this run away train of a market?  

20 yearbuying plan?  Great, go for it.  Downsizers, what do you do?  Cash out?  Rent?  At what cost?  Will you outlast your money?  What then?  What percentage is this market increasing?  Everyone has a theory.  Will it continue?  

Lots of questions, lots of experts.  Honestly, we can provide information and foresight, but, not prediction and ‘sure’ thing sale information for everyone.  

Each neighbourhood is not predictable and each neighbourhood is not increasing at the same pace as the next.  Across Burlington, every neighbourhood but one (north of Dundas Street) is selling over 100% over asking price.  In Hamilton, every neighbourhood is selling over asking price. Will this continue into the summer?  

What we do know is that each and every one of our clients is handled with care with our utmost level of service.  Happy to help, happy to advise.

Follow the stats at…!  Or, check out the latest to come, on the blog… Burlington Stats and Hamilton Stats!

If you’re not receiving a quarterly update to keep in the ‘know’ on your neighbourhood, ask us why!