Market Stats: February 2019

The numbers are in for February and we might be left scratching our heads, just a little.  The overall feeling in the marketplace has been that things are moving and that we are well into our Spring market, but, it doesn’t appear quite so clear in the numbers.  

The number of new listings is actually down in both Burlington and Hamilton since January.  On the flip side, the number of sales have taken a very slight upswing.  As for turnaround time, that was the biggest change reported and it has started to tighten up even further, with average days on the market dropping in both areas.  Taking a look at pricing, the average sale price sat relatively unchanged in Burlington, where Hamilton saw a rise of about $30K from January to February.  


All that being said, it looks like we’re gearing up for a year similar to 2018, with January and February following a similar trend again this year.  A slow and steady start… but it’s a start!  We can only anticipate it will continue in this same fashion which means there is a lot more to come through March, April, and even into May where last year we saw sales peak in both Hamilton and Burlington.  May also brought quite a significantly higher average sale price for both markets.  So it’s looking like the best is yet to come!  

For all the stats compared month to month, find them here, on our website