Market Stats: April 2019

April’s market stats are in and boy are things just ticking along in this Spring market.  The number of listings are on the rise both in Burlington and Hamilton and average days continued to fall.  As for sale prices, they’re maintaining their ground from March through April. 

In Burlington, the average sale price has risen slightly since March with an increase just shy of $4K, though more significantly higher than April 2018.  Number of listings are at a 2019 high, which falls in line with the trend in previous years, where we didn’t see the record number until May.  Looks like we’re following the same timeline, so should have nearly 30 more days of this solid Spring market, leading us into Summer.  If that’s the case, we might see that April’s average days on the market, at 27, could be the quickest turn around this Spring.  Last year, while May was strong, this is the turning point for when listings started to take a little longer to sell. Speaking of sales, we’re up by 73 dales since March and nearly 150 compared to January/March stats.


Hamilton is following the same pattern with average days having fallen, and listings and sales continuing to make the climb!  While the Average Sale Price fell by a couple hundred dollars, it has remained consistent with a variance of only $8,000 over the past three months!  Looking back at 2018, numbers are upper the Hamilton market.  This April our pricing is nearly $25K more than last year.  Days on the market for Hamilton are quick at 23, and the list to sale price ratio remains equally as consistent at 100% for the third month in a row. 

The market is strong and we would expect to see this flurry of activity continue through May! Enjoy this more seasonal weather we have on our way… 

For all the stats compared month to month, find them here, on our website