JM Edwards Celebrates 40 Years!

This March, J.M. Edwards Associates Inc. celebrated the 40th anniversary of the company. From humble beginnings in a small house on Plains Road East to one of the City’s largest boutique brokerages and everything in between. We celebrated by asking friends, family and colleagues to reflect back on their fondest memories over the years.

We sincerely thank each and every one of you for all your hard work, your continued trust and of course your loyalty throughout these last 40 years without which this milestone may not have been achieved. Your kind words and enthusiasm for this special event will not be forgotten. 

We toast to you, our clients and friends, as we look towards the future ahead of us!

The words you shared…

I started working for J.M. Edwards as a part-time Deals Administrator in 2012. I now work here full-time still handling deals, but also doing so much more. This is a great brokerage to work for as Jamie and Sherry allow you to grow, take on new responsibilities and be part of a great Edwards Team. Congratulations on 40 years and to many more!



Working for JM Edwards during my high school years offered me incredible work experience, memories, and mentors Jamie and Sherry! From the lakefront house office, to packing and moving 2 times after that, the constant support and trust they had in me, along with all the treats Jamie would bring into the office allowed me to always enjoy my time there. Happy 40th anniversary to an amazing company I’m fortunate to have worked for, here’s to many more!



Working at Edwards was a pleasure, sometimes a lot of hours but necessary.  Lots to learn and always something new.  Sherry always tried to keep us ahead of the crowd and she has accomplished that from what I see now, with a much younger, electronically knowledgeable team and doing a great job.

Jamie on the other hand was most always late leaving for appointments and you had to make the call that he was running a little behind schedule.  He can certainly get the clients because of all the people he has met over the years.  He truly enjoyed looking out his office window at the Old Lakeshore office. He sometimes needed a nudge to get some work done. He would be calling me into his office to see the Kingfisher sitting on the rail outside his office window.  He can now work outside from home and enjoy the same view.  He always talks about how he started the company and it was a lot of hard work that has worked out well. 

My best memory was my retirement/birthday.  Sherry pulled that off beautifully and I had no clue.  Memories of everyone that came and enjoyed the day and evening with me and my hubby.

We still meet occasionally and can just talk which I enjoy.


Congratulations to J. M. Edwards on Forty Fabulous years!  So happy to have been a part of this great company and I cherish the memories of those great years.

Continued health, happiness and success to all.



When I think back to the company that decided to take a chance on an unqualified 14 year old and give her a job through to her first year of university, I am amazed that company is now celebrating its 40th anniversary 😉

I feel lucky and honoured to have been given the chance to work at such an amazing company where everyone truly felt like an extension of my family. I will always have amazing memories from painting the office, Saturday morning coffee chats, the wonderful Christmas parties, having Jamie pick me up from high school because I had missed my bus and through learning through making little (and some bigger) mistakes but knowing that the incredible staff still believed in me.

Thank you for giving me my first job and welcoming into the JM Edwards family. Congratulations on your 40th anniversary. Cheers to many more.



We would like to thank J.M. Edwards for their love and support over the several years we have known them.  They are very good people and truly care for their clients and their employees alike. 

At one point they employed our entire family- they even gave all three of our young kids their first jobs!. We have had some hardships over the years and we could always count on Jamie and Sherry to be there for us in every way!  

We cannot thank them enough and we wish them health, luck and happiness in the next 40 years of their journey.  Congratulations! xoxoxo



We love how we have all grown together over the years both in our business and families. We’ve watched both our families grow as our kids have grown up and we’ve had the chance to get to know all your amazing grandchildren too! Can’t wait to see what is to come in the future as we watch all their future adventures! 

Hope we can meet up in Florida and also some paddling on our lake here again too! 

Congrats & Happy Anniversary from the Lane’s – Candice, Brad, Connor & Abby



There truly is meaning to ‘the Right Place, at the Right Time’ and it all became apparent to me August 2002 when Jamie and Sherry knocked at my door, as my parents’ house was readied for market.  I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity I was presented with that day. 

Within weeks I started Part-Time and very quickly was provided with more hours… more opportunity!  It’s always been about the opportunity!  Both Jamie and Sherry have an ability to guide, push (gently!) and encourage everyone who is lucky enough to pass through the doors. 

Over the years my working relationship with J.M. Edwards has evolved through Full Time, Part Time, a leave for School, to explore another path and when that path landed me home with my babies, right back where I am today. Thanking you for every last memory of it all, and most importantly, the flexibility of the best of both worlds today! 

Congratulations… it is the opportunity, the supportive nature and the ability to lead and mentor that makes 40 wonderful years!  To many more!



Congratulations Jamie! 

It is quite a milestone. I’m glad to have been with you for most of the way.

I remember when we were young and fearless.  In the early years, I learned a lot from you on how to develop a business. In later years, I observed what a devoted son you were to your parents. I learned from you that we never stopped learning.

Luckily for me a business relationship became a long-term friendship. Our families grew together with our kids attending the same schools. Notwithstanding the trials and tribulations of work, we managed numerous outings to Blue Jay games, Buffalo Bill games, road hockey games and the memories and stories shared will last forever. 

Through it all, Jamie was always a gentleman and successful entrepreneur. Jamie chose real estate but he would have been successful in any field that he chose. 

Continued health, good fortune and success.



Congratulations to J.M. Edwards Associates Inc. Brokerage on reaching this special milestone!

As a newly licensed realtor green behind the ears and eager to learn I was hired by Jamie in the early nineties. Successful extremely knowledgeable and well respected in the industry Jamie was always available to share his wisdom, I could not have asked for a better mentor.  

Thank you for your support and continued friendship.  Congratulations!



It’s hard to put into words what the J.M. Edwards family means to me and my family. As the best man in my parents wedding, Jamie has always been a part of our lives… his infectious laugh, his ability to connect with anyone who crosses his path and an endless source of wisdom and advice all make up the wonderful man I lovingly refer to as my “Work Dad.” 

Sherry, your belief in all of us has never faltered; you are the first to help us to fly and the first to catch us when we fall. Your personal touch to this business is one I greatly admire and certainly does not go unnoticed by those around you. The skills and opportunities you’ve both given me to succeed in this business I will be forever grateful.  It’s a pretty unique experience to be able to look back at the journey you’ve taken and see the impact you’ve had on the lives of so many. 

Cheers to 40 years of hard work, dedication and sacrifice… and to the continued success in the years to come!



Congratulations Jamie on your 40th year in this great Profession.

You and I have had the opportunity to know each other many years, we began our professional relationship back in the late seventies and over the years have become close friends.  We also served organized real estate together in the 80s, you as President of your local association, Hamilton / Burlington and me as President of my local association Mississauga.  Together, we also moved on to our Provincial association, you serving as President in 1993 and me in 1994.

We have also spent many years in the rink and in tournaments, playing hockey together.  You are always reminding people how well you know me because we have showered together.

Jamie, it’s been a long 40 years and we have had many discussions and seen many changes along the way, but the great thing is we are still here to talk about it.

Both Meg and I value our friendship with you and Sherry and look forward to many years to come.

Good health and happiness my friend!!



It has been a pleasure to work with a Broker who is so well liked and equally respected. We have all benefitted from his contribution to organized real estate and his thoughtful opinion on any issue we face. Happy Anniversary, Jamie. 



Happy 40th anniversary Jamie. You were a tremendous teacher and tutor to me back when I got into real estate in 1983. You were an incredible motivator and taught me to put all the negativity that people were talking to me about in the past and concentrate on the present and the future. Whatever modicum of success I may have achieved I owe a lot to you. 

Congratulations again and I wish you many more years of success. 



I worked for Jamie at his first location on Plains Road, only to move to Guelph Line when Jamie took over Ted Finnigan’s business.  Many great memories of working with Kay Henderson, Ted Brethour, Tom Dowling and Larry Chettle… to name a few!  

One memory that sticks in my mind and always made me laugh was Ted running over to the farmer’s market across the street and buying those huge radishes; sitting at his desk with salt shaker in hand eating them like apples.  Here’s to many more great memories!



Working at J.M Edwards opened so many doors for me, which is even more apparent now as I head into the start of my own professional career. 

When I think of the 3 years I spent there, I think of the patience and kindness of all of those around me, and am grateful to have learned so much from Jamie and Sherry. 

Thank you for everything, congratulations on 40 years



To Jamie and Team Edwards

Congrats on 40 yrs of service with excellence. You have helped thousands of families realize their dream of home ownership to achieved stability, prosperity and comfort. You always find time to help others. Truly “service above self.” Your optimism is infectious and your success is no surprise. 

You are my best friend, my best man, my best campaign manager and the best role model of a loving son ever. Jamie you are truly a “one in one million man.” THANK YOU



Congratulations Jamie – Thank You for allowing me to be a part of the JM Edwards Associates 40 Year History! So many great memories – Moments, People, Places and Friendships we have shared.  We could write another – Hands Across the Border Book!  Enjoy the Journey with many more celebrations of life.  With much Love, Mary Ellen


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