Buyer's Were Asking: Why Choose One Realtor to Work With?

Why Choose One Realtor to Work With?

Many buyers feel calling the listing representative is the most effective way to not only gain access to the home, but, have their questions answered accurately and quickly.   Not so in every circumstance and here is why.  Every realtor has their clientele base.  Every realtor who has a listing receives a myriad of calls from callers wanting information.  As realtors, we have a code of conduct to follow, so, the first question will be, ‘are you working with a realtor?’.  Familiar?  Annoying to you?  We must ask as, in accordance with our code of ethics, we cannot interfere with another realtor’s client.  We cannot show our own listings to another realtor’s client.  This is ‘realtor law’.  Realize that realtors make their living by selling homes.  Ok, pretty standard, but, we do not get paid until a transaction closes.  As realtors, yes, we owe duty and care to everyone, but, ask yourself how a stranger can best help you buy such an important asset.  So, why should you choose your own realtor rather than going rogue?

  • Loyalty – for you both – if your chosen rep is signed up with you, they will work in your best interests.  Why would a realtor want to take another realtor’s client through their own listing?  We each have our own data base and as such, our loyal clients should come first.  If you call me on a Saturday morning and refuse to provide any information, why would I want to rearrange my day to accommodate someone so secretive?  That is generally realtor code for…’I have a realtor, but, I don’t want to waste his/her time’.    Realize, a sales representative only gets paid when they close a deal.  All work done ahead of that is free service.   You need to find a rep you are comfortable with and let that person work well for you. 
  • Educational Benefit – again, for you both.  As you start your journey, your thoughts and opinions will change both in location and the actual home you are considering.  It’s really a moving target and the educational process you should undertake with someone who gets to know you and your family well.  Calling each listing rep is not the route to go as the listing rep is working for the seller and doesn’t know you or your family.  Why anyone chooses to exclusively work with the listing representative has always baffled me.  I find it comical when a potential buyer says, ‘I’ll get a better deal on the house if I give you my business’.  My response always is…’oh? And why would that be?’.  For the seasoned and experienced career realtor that most certainly is not the case.  Why?  Because it is our career on the line.  If something goes awry, who do you think gets blamed?  The greedy realtor.  We actually stand to make more money by selling another home so why would we endanger our career by even attempting to counsel someone we have just met.  Have we assisted a buyer we have just met.  Yes, but, very, very carefully.  There are some steps to take to verify you are qualified to byy our clients’ home.      
  • Ease of search – once your rep gets to know what exactly you are looking for, he or she can start to recommend what would suit you best.  There is a lot of power for the realtor in sourcing out a clients’ requirements for a solid purchase.  Career realtors sometimes know of homes coming on the market long before they reach the open market. 

The latest trend in commission sharing is now for the listing sales rep to advertise a 50% reduction in the buyer’s rep fee if the buyer’s rep client is shown through the property before bringing their representative to the home.  It really is becoming a problem for realtors as we earn our living only when a transaction closes.  If you have a trusted realtor, please defer to that person.  You will reap the benefit.