Buyers Were Asking: Two's Company… Three's a Crowd!

So you’ve started house hunting, congrats!  If you’re thinking it’s now time to rally the troops, maybe consider a few suggestions before you bring a small army to your next showing appointment…

As a first time home buyer you’re probably thinking you’ll need to bring in reinforcements.  Here’s our suggestion; give your first few showing appointments a try solo.  It sounds intimidating, and, inevitable you aren’t the only one who wonders ‘what am I looking for?’  Fear not, you’ll be happy to know that you will quickly pick up on tips and tricks with each viewing and before long know if a home works for your or not within a matter of minutes.  

A good friend or a parent can sometimes be helpful but keep this in mind; the more people you bring the more opinions you will receive.  Especially for a couple, you probably find both parents and in-laws are more than ready to offer their expertise.  As wonderful as that can be it can become quite a distraction from the real matter at hand.  

We all love our little ones (or big ones!) and yes, they will no doubt need their stamp of approval but hiring a sitter or leaving them with a family member can give you more quiet time to think.  You’d be surprised how hard it is to recall details both big and small of a home when you have to keep your eyes on little ones running around. 

To keep some control, we suggest limiting to one or two guests.  If that’s proving difficult, offer to bring them through open houses in some of the neighbourhoods you’re considering.  When you ultimately find the home of your dreams, a second showing or even a further visit can offer a good opportunity to bring in the family!

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