Buyers Were Asking: The Goldilocks Phase

The Goldilocks Phase

For a lot of reasons, buying a home at any stage comes with its challenges and it’s hard to know what’s right without seeing a little of everything. We typically see buyers go through what we like to call the ‘goldilocks phase’. Yes, I’m sure you know the story of the doe eyed blondie who breaks into the home of the three bears. No, no! We’re not suggesting taking a few homes out for a test drive with its unsuspecting owners out of town, but, more mimicking her experience.  

Goldie, upon entering the home had a few different adventures… some hot, some cold and some just right.  A little tired from her travels she opted to rest her weary feet and came across three chairs. It took our fair haired friend a seat in the BIG chair and the chair that was just far too little until she was able to find the chair that was just right. Looking at the chairs she likely knew the big chair would be too big, or that steaming porridge too hot but, couldn’t help indulge anyways. 

We’ve talked a lot over the years about the home purchasing process… you set out on one journey with your list of must haves and needs and somewhere along the way you end up compromising or changing that initial list. Starting to see the parallel? A lot of buyers actually believe it’s a waste of time or, don’t want to bother their Realtor by seeing a home that is far too big or far too small for their needs. The reality is most buyers need to see it to believe it, otherwise they will be left pining over the home that they never saw and seemingly slipped away.

Alternatively, that’s when the “ah-ha!” moment actually occurs… that one home when they finally humour their Realtor and relent to see that too small home, where, they actually discover the size is more fitting to their needs. 

The moral of the storey? Take a page out of Goldilocks’ book to find what’s just right for you.