Buyers Were Asking: The Further Visit

The Further Visit

After the excitement wears down, thoughts to actually moving into your newly purchased home bring about the questions as your memory dims on what you actually recall about the new place.  Measurements need to be made for that ‘about to be bought’ fridge, or, new draperies.  You may wish to show the kids, or Mom and Dad, or bring by contractors.  

Hopefully, you have a clause that entitles you to a further visit, or, maybe two.  Ensuring a further visit is important as if you don’t stipulate that in the offer, you may not get an opportunity to get back in until the day of closing.  The misnomer is that your lawyer can enforce a visit for you to walk through a day before the deal is scheduled to close.  Not so.  

If you have a further visit or two, be courteous to the owners as they’re now off the market and your timing may not be convenient for them.  Try to schedule your visit with enough notice given and provide some alternative times for them to choose what works well for them.  Give consideration to the days leading to the closing.  This really is not a good time to re-visit as, for obvious reasons, they are stressed.  Sometimes, a lawyer will suggest you do this to ensure the house is in good order.  Well, it won’t be, it’ll be in an uproar. Don’t try to get in the day before closing.  

If you feel you have cause for concern, advise your lawyer ahead of time and then ensure you contact him or her asap upon entry to report any issues.

Now…if you’ve purchased, and need that lawyer to assist in your closing, we’ve got you covered, with some of our recommendations, here!