Buyers Were Asking: The Condo Inspection – Yes? No?

The Condo Inspection – yes?  no?
This is always a loaded question.  Do you ask for an inspection or don’t you? Depends.  Depends on what?  Honestly, depends on the building, market conditions at the time you are offering and your own personality.  Many, many buyers say, absolutely not.  Home inspections are not worth it.  Really? Why?  Because my brother/friend/husband/father knows more than most home inspectors.  Anything wrong, he can fix it.  
I tend to listen to all the chatter and then advise accordingly but, any realtor doing a fair amount of business knows a good home inspector.  Where it becomes problematic is when the buyer does not trust the realtor.  We hear all sorts of things.  You realtors, you’ll just recommend an inspector who will say there is nothing wrong. Truth is, we want the inspector to find a material problem.  We want to do the very best we can for our clients.  I do anyhow, so, I say always when it is warranted.  
When I am asked about the inner workings of a furnace, air conditioner or if the underground parking is up to code, ummmmnnnn, well, I’m not a contractor.  I sell real estate.  I cannot possibly be a master of everything.  And, I am not touching those questions with a 10 foot pole.  I don’t need a buyer saying….well you advised against a home inspection.  
For the first time buyer, the inspection provides the ideal opportunity to learn about things like, changing furnace filters, or, even how to take screens off windows.  For the downsizing buyer a seasoned inspector is a godsend.  They’ll speak to items such as current code issues as it relates to electrical.  Granted, they are not climbing on the roof to check out the wear and tear, but, they also do not charge a detached home rate.  
As a realtor, we listen to your relative and can sense their knowledge level. Often we hear, ahhhh, well, if there is anything wrong (insert name) can fix it.  The big question is, do they have the time?