Buyers Were Asking: Selecting a Lawyer

Selecting a Lawyer

We always recommend working with someone you feel comfortable with, or, have worked with in the past!  A referral from a friend, or someone you trust, is always another great option in selecting both your lawyer, as well as your home inspector.  If you’ve never required the use of a lawyer, the task to make the right decision can seem somewhat daunting.  Below is a list of lawyers we often recommend, when asked:

Greg Brechin of Brechin & Huffman
3365 Harvester Road, Burlington

Peter Cass of Cass & Bishop
31 – 3455 Harvester Road, Burlington

Bob Martin of Martin & Hillyer
2122 Old Lakeshore Rd, Burlington

When do you need your lawyer?  Officials, a lawyer won’t be called upon until after you have a firm purchase.  However, some exceptions may apply, such as when purchasing a condominium with a condition on status certificate.  In any case, we like to ensure your lawyer has all documentation immediately following the accepted offer.  

Legal fees range from firm to firm, so, if you’re unsure, take your time and find the lawyer that will meet your needs. 

Our ‘Edwards backed’ lawyer list can always be found on our website in our business contacts!