Buyers Were Asking: Schools!


Schools can play a huge role in our decision making process, whether you have children or are just planning for your future.  Some place such importance on schooling that they narrow their search area to within a certain catchment!  While others, they set out to find that perfect home, and, explore their children’s schooling options within that area.  No matter your method, let’s take a look at some of the sources you can use:

School Board Websites can be a wealth of information from school mapping, bus routes and contact information.  Additionally, you’ll find information about current issues and upcoming events!

School Websites – Once you’ve narrowed down your area, or, you’ve purchased your home, check out individual websites which offer ore specific information on each school!

Fraser Institute has set out to rank school performance for both elementary and secondary schools across the province.  Their website gives you the ability to compare schools against a developed performance rating.

Ministry of Education offers resources not only for curriculum, initiatives and school programs, but, also offers a resource to Early Childhood Centres as well as Home Based, Centre Based and Licensed Child Care Centres.

Your REALTOR!  Just ask!  We’ve been in this business along time and can offer our own guidance by passing on additional research when needed!