Buyers Were Asking: Pen to Paper

Pen to Paper

There are just some things that don’t count when you’re trying to decide how much to offer for a house.  They are:

  • Don’t attempt to make a verbal offer to the Seller – it’s not a binding contract
  • Don’t tell a seller’s agent you’ll go higher than what you are offering – Keep in mind, the sales rep is working on behalf of the Seller, that information can be relayed to the owners. 
  • Don’t start with an insulting bid – tempers tend to rise, too many counter offers tend to kill any deal.  Sometimes it’s not the money, it’s the principle.
  • Don’t base your estimation of the property’s value on tax assessment figures – nothing is as accurate as the operation of supply and demand in the open market (what other buyers have been paying for similar property in the neighbourhood recently).
  • Don’t assume the sellers have built in a cushion because everyone expects a “usual” 5-10% bid under the listing price – Some sellers really hate the bargaining process and have decided to list for a quick sale!
A professional Realtor can and will assist you to make the best decision in the buying process.  For those of you who know me, you’ve likely heard me say, “Let’s put pen to paper and see what happens!”

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