Buyers Were Asking: Parent Interference

Parent Interference

In a lot of ways, going to your parents for advice can be your best bet. After all, the chances are, they’ve seen it, been through it and have come out the other side better for it. They can pass down their knowledge in many aspects of life including real estate. Although we respect parents’ involvement and, often times will encourage it during the purchase and sale process there’s a fine line we walk between parent encouragement and parent interference. 

The baby boomer generation has worked hard to purchase their family home and settled themselves in for the long haul. Now that the kids are leaving the nest, their parents are actively involved in the process emotionally (and sometimes financially) but, when was the last time they traded in real estate? With markets evolving year over year strategies, trend and pricing are constantly evolving. The purchase and sale process becomes a learning curve with each new market you enter. A lot of times, parents find themselves having to be educated alongside their kids on the new wave of real estate… and it can be a steep curve!
When push comes to shove, it’s difficult to bring everyone up to speed in the clutch. Particularly when you’re dealing with multiple offers. We’ve talked before about outside influences and listening to your Realtor. If you’ve built the trust with your Realtor then, at the end of the day you, as well as Mom and Dad, need to trust their expertise knowing they have your best interests in mind.