Buyers Were Asking: House Hunting Tips

House Hunting Tips

Many people find looking for a house to be an overwhelming experience, but it really shouldn’t be.  Just keep these few house hunting tips in mind… 

First of all, make lists. Think about things like how far you are willing to commute and what kinds of services you need to be near. Zero in on what you must have in a home, what you would like to have, what you definitely don’t want and what you would prefer not to have. 

If you are already a homeowner, start by compiling lists about what you like and dislike about your current home. Let your Realtor see these lists. It will save time by helping your Realtor narrow down the list of homes to show you based on your criteria. 

Lists will also help you find the right home without falling in love with the one that doesn’t suit your needs. Make copies and take the lists with you. Your Realtor will no doubt show you multiple homes and using your checklists and making notes about each home will help you avoid becoming confused. On the days you go house hunting, wear comfy clothes and sturdy shoes, preferably slip-ons.  You’ll be taking your shoes off and on several times and slip-ons will make your life a lot easier.