Buyers Were Asking: Home Inspections, Part 2

Home Inspections, Part 2

Now that you know you want, and, can benefit from, a home inspection.  Plus, you have a few options on who to call.  Let’s have a look at some Home Inspection Do’s and Don’ts!

DON’T: Stress
Let us coordinate with inspectors and agents to get this done.  Give us three days / times within your conditional window and we will ensure it gets done.

DO:  Set aside your time
An inspection typically rungs within a three hour time slot, so it is important to book at a time where you can give the inspector your full attention.

DON’T:  Bring the calvary 
We know you’re excited to show off the home, but, it’s easy to get distracted with a toddler running around, or, your parents discussing renovations.  Rest assured, there are better opportunities, once the sale is firm, to show off the home. 

DO:  Come prepared
You won’t need to take notes as the inspector will leave you with a full detailed report.  However, if you’re planning renovations (big or small), you may want to bring a few items with you; notepad and pen, measuring tape, camera and flashlight can come in handy… just to name a few. 

DON’T:  Be afraid to ask questions
Inspectors can be a wealth of knowledge!  Even going as far as preparing a list of questions ahead of time can not only ensure nothing is missed, but, can actually save your time discussing after the inspection.

DON’T:  Forget payment
It may seem silly, but, it happens more then you think!  Usually discussed beforehand, be prepared to pay your inspector at the end of the inspection.  Remember, bring appropriate means ie. cash or cheque.