Buyers Were Asking: Home Inspections, Part 1

Home Inspections, Part 1

A home inspection can be particularly helpful when purchasing a home.  Taking a closer look at the mechanicals and inner workings of a home can often offer peace of mind, or, confirm what you suspected from a visual inspection.  

It’s important to understand that inspectors have a limited look at a home, after all, you wouldn’t want them ripping apart your home, right?  What they can offer is their insight and expertise on preventative measures, home maintenance advice and often times, provide you with a detailed report on your new home. 

If you’ve never hired an inspector before, you may not know how to call!  Here is a list of inspectors we recommend:

Eadie Home Consulting Services
Steve Eadie
905.483.2207 / [email protected]

Nook ‘n’ Cranny Home Inspections
Darren St. Jacques
905.929.4401 / [email protected]

Pricing varies dependent on the type of inspection… square footage, freehold vs. condominium, etc.  Typically, you’re looking at somewhere within $300 – $500 for the service. 

If we can help offer any more guidance, please don’t hesitate to reach out!