Buyers Were Asking: Help!


So… you’ve made that decision that the time is right!  We’re READY TO BUY…  now the fun begins…right? 

We’re all guilty of it we just can’t help it… when it comes to buying a new home we seek out anyone and everyone who can offer us advice.  For some, it’s bragging rights but for others its an opportunity to pick the brains of those who have gone through similar changes in their lives.  Here’s where we’d like to heed caution.  To put it nicely, there are a lot of real estate experts out there but very few REALTORS.  I know we may be just a little biased but, think of it this way; you wouldn’t ask someone who bought a new sports car for advice on which minivan to purchase.  When listening to advice (solicited or not) be sure to keep your best interests in mind.

It’s always great to lean on a parent for support…after all, they’ve been through it all.  Just try to remember, they are in a very different stage in their lives where priorities and needs can shift dramatically from generation to generation.  A parent however, can be a great source to keep you grounded and prioritize wants vs. needs. 

A good friend or sibling, now there’s someone who knows you better right?  They’re likely living a lifestyle more congruent with your own but don’t be surprised if their dreams of a high rise on the waterfront don’t jive with your aspirations of 4 bedrooms and a picket fence.  A friend is always a good resource to have a good laugh about the homes that just really wouldn’t work.

In the end, your REALTOR is trained to listen to your needs and help to channel you down the right path to find that perfect home.  Whether it’s your first home or your fifth, it still can be an intimidating decision which is why a professional can help to remove the burden and prevent long nights of tossing and turning. 

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