Buyers Were Asking: Added Value

Added Value?

When are inclusions added into a purchase price a value and when are they not?  Anyone who is in the market for a new home eventually asks the question, “What are they including?”.  The thing is, the inclusions or exclusions can be negotiated…that is, if you really want them.  

For the Realtor, adding items into a mix can sometimes end up being a nightmare.  We are usually the first ones a buyer calls when the fridge conks out.  As much as we can try to help, it’s not really our responsibility to buy you a new one.  It’s the old adage, ‘Buyer Beware’.  

If you really want the used appliances, you have to recognize that they don’t often come with a warranty.  Your home inspector will not offer you an opinion on appliances, so, you really are taking a chance.  Yes, you can ask that the seller represents that the appliances will be in good working order upon closing, but, what about six months down the road?

That is not to say, don’t take them if they are offered. It simply means you need to be somewhat aware.  If the appliance looks well used, chances are, you need to plan for replacement.  If they give you a year or two, great.  If they stop working within the first week or two after moving in, well, maybe it wasn’t such a cost savings negotiating them into the deal.  Yes, if there is an existing problem, it should be noted on the Seller Property Information Statement, but, an appliance can break down at any time. 

Sometimes, you’re just better off buying your own appliances separate from the house deal!

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